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Mission Ihor Vitenko

At Mission Ihor Vitenko, we are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of those affected by the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. From the very first days of the war, our mission has been clear – to provide vital support to Ukraine.

ambulances with soldiers in Kyiv

+80 Ambulances were already delivered by
Mission Ihor Vitenko in Ukraine

Mission Ihor Vitenko has achieved remarkable milestones thanks to your generous donations. We are proud to have delivered more than 60 ambulances, over 100 hospital beds, and more than 35 full trucks of essential hospital gear to Ukrainian hospitals and military teams.

These contributions have played a significant role in saving lives and improving healthcare in a time of great need.

How can you support?

We believe that change is possible with the support of compassionate individuals like you. There are several ways you can contribute to our mission:

Stay Informed: Follow our Facebook page to stay updated on our current needs, ongoing projects, and the impact of your support. Sharing our updates can help us reach more people and garner additional support.

Join Mission Ihor Vitenko in our commitment to making a positive change in Ukraine. Together, we can provide hope and aid to those who need it the most. Your support matters, and we are grateful for your involvement in our mission. Thank you for being a part of our journey towards a brighter future for Ukraine.

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