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Support here

The needs are changing on a day-to-day basis. Please contact Ihor’s team to know what the current needs are or to get more info on the practicalities of buying/sending equipment and ambulances.

Financial Support

You can support the mission Ihor Vitenko financially, this will allow him to purchase equipment and medical supplies that are currently needed in the hospitals of Ukraine.

Or it will be used to fund an ambulance, which is much needed at the front lines. Some of the delivered Ambulances got already destroyed, the need for ambulances keeps growing.

  • Name: Mission Ihor Vitenko
  • IBAN: BE12 3632 2034 0792
  • Transfer notice: Your name or company name

Gift medical equipment or wound care material

Down below you can find all the locations where you can drop off your goods. These will be delivered and distributed between hospital in Ukraine.

Please keep an eye open on our Mission Ihor Vitenko Facebook page to see where they ended up and people thanking you for your support!

Mission Ihor Vitenko thanks you for your support!

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