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Zaporizhia Express leaving in October from Ghent to Kyiv

Mission Ihor Vitenko is leaving to Ukraine Mid October again and needs your help to support the Zaporizhia Express Convoy!

About the campaign

Introduction: In a remarkable display of international solidarity and humanitarian commitment, a convoy of three to four ambulances is set to embark on a crucial journey from the heart of Ghent, Belgium, to the resilient city of Kyiv, Ukraine. This humanitarian mission, scheduled to commence on the 20th of October, carries not only a vital cargo of life-saving ambulances but also a gesture of support that transcends borders.

The Journey: The convoy’s journey is expected to span two days, with a significant stopover in the picturesque city of Ternopil. This pause in Ternopil serves a dual purpose: providing the ambulances with a discreet camouflage makeover and ensuring they are in pristine working condition for their upcoming mission in Kyiv, where they will be handed over to the military.

Ambulance Maintenance and Camouflage: Ternopil will be a vital juncture on this journey. Here, the ambulances will receive major maintenance to ensure their mechanical reliability and readiness for their critical role in the war. Additionally, they will undergo a camouflaging process, designed to help them blend seamlessly into the challenging operating environments they will encounter in the Ukrainian capital.


This humanitarian effort is not solely about the ambulances; it extends to the provision of crucial medical aid. Alongside the ambulances, 100 Individual First Aid Kits (IFAK) will be gifted. These kits have been meticulously assembled with a blend of medical equipment sourced from both Belgium and Ukraine, highlighting the unity of purpose between the two nations.

The IFAK kits, symbolizing the collaborative spirit of this mission, feature components from Belgium and Ukraine. These life-saving pouches, essential for providing immediate medical care, are produced in the town of Zbarazh, a testament to the collective effort spanning multiple regions to support the people of Ukraine in their time of need.

As this convoy sets out from Ghent to Kyiv, it underscores the compassion, solidarity, and unwavering commitment of nations and individuals coming together in the spirit of humanity. This journey, marked by the transformation of ambulances and the provision of medical aid, is a testament to the enduring ties between Belgium and Ukraine, united by a shared vision of providing essential support to those who need it most.

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Who’s receiving your donations?

The Mission Ihor Vitenko nonprofit organization is launching the Zaporizhia Express campaign to support Ukrainian Battalions:

  • A4699
  • A4798
  • A4748

We’re the medical team of the A4748 Bataljon and are in desperate need of an ambulance to provide medical help to the wounded brave soldiers of our team. We thank you in advance for your donations!

We are committed to transparency and trust in handling your generous donations, please follow our Facebook page to see how your donations made a difference.

Together, we stand with Ukraine’s heroes, making a significant impact while upholding trust and transparency.

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